Reintroducing the Voices of Change

Reintroducing the Voices of Change

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Friday, 20 November 2020

We would like to reintroduce ourselves: The Voices of Change!

That’s right, your good old Young Carers Focus Group have gone through a bit of a revamp and development recently. Lockdown gave us the perfect opportunity to really look in depth at ourselves as a participation and engagement group and we realised, the name ‘Focus Group’, could be quite misleading as we are not actually a Focus Group in the traditional sense – we are so much more!

Our first step in the development process was to decide what we really are and what we want to achieve in the future. Our meetings during lockdown have focussed on this and we created our new Purpose:

‘The Voices of Change Group is a participation and engagement group dedicated to raising the profile of Young and Young Adult Carers in the Fife area. We are campaigners and advocates for Young Carers rights and needs. We represent Young Carers at all levels within service and work with professionals, the public and Fife Young Carers staff and Board.’

Don’t worry though, even with our new purpose and new name, we are continuing with all our great work and projects you know us for: raising awareness for Young Carers across sectors, providing training, engaging other Young Carers and consulting on issues that affect us. Ultimately, we aim to be the Voice of Change: for Young Carers, by Young Carers.

And of course, it wouldn’t be us without a wee video release to celebrate our Rebranding! We made this to show the differences in the daily lives of Young Carers Vs Young People, click Here to watch.

So, if you have an idea/project or want to work with us on campaigning and raising the profile of Young Carers, please get in touch: or follow our Twitter: @VoiceofChangeYC

- Voices of Change x