Young Carers Action Day 2021

Young Carers Action Day 2021

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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Wooohooo, #YoungCarersActionDay is here! ☺

To us, every day is Young Carers Action Day, but campaigns such as these draw attention to the skills, experiences and issues Young Carers face and highlights them to the wider public and professionals, allowing us to ask them, ‘What can you do to Protect Young Carers’ Futures?’????

In line with Carers Trust Scotland campaign, we are showcasing all the brilliant work that has been done in Fife to help support Young Carers and the invaluable services they provide.

It is estimated that Carers, both children and adults, save about 10.8 billion in resources every year across Britain. This is why it is so important that they are supported, recognised and respected within their roles.

We have created a few video presentations to highlight all the wonderful work that has been happening to support Young Carers: 

  • Our first video has been created to showcase and highlight all the brilliant partnership work that organisations and professionals have completed across Fife to support Young Carers in their sector. This is available to watch here.
  • For our second video, we asked our Young and Young Adult Carers to tell us what skills, experiences and knowledge they have gained through having a caring role - encouraging them to look at the positive side to caring and celebrating these achievements. This is available to watch here

Click here to see a lovely article written in the Courier promoting our participation and engagement group, the Voices of Change and their hard work.

We hope that by sharing all these wonderful stories this will inspire other sectors and organisations to do the same as we believe that everyone can do something to help Protect Young Carers’ Futures????