Important Service Update from Fife Young Carers

Important Service Update from Fife Young Carers

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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

IMPORTANT Service Update - Please Read.


To ensure all children and young people referred to our service as Young Carers receive the service they most need from us we have updated our assessment and review process and introduced a more robust eligibility criteria.

Reviewing gives us an in depth look at how Young Carers are doing, how their caring role is affecting them and if Fife Young Carers are providing the most suitable service it can for each Young Carer. At review we will be checking to see that the service being provided is the service needed at that time and will allow us to move Young Carers around the different parts of our service as and when required and appropriate. What this means is the types of support provided to Young Carers can change.

Young Carers who receive 1:1 and/or group support will now be reviewed every six months. Young Carers who only receive the YC authorisation card as support will continue to be reviewed annually.


To compliment this change, we have also expanded our service with two new projects:

Advocacy Service

Our Advocacy worker offers 1:1 support with Young and Young Adult Carers who may be vulnerable and need someone to stand in their corner, giving them a voice and providing information as necessary. This project also supports Young and Young Adult Carers to complete Emergency Plans if this would be of benefit.

Befriending Service

We have recently employed a Befriending Coordinator, who will be working with a team of volunteers that will support Young Carers experiencing loneliness and social isolation by linking them with activities and opportunities in their communities.


If you have any questions about this change, please get in touch.